Augustin Ramirez “La Ley De Tejas”

Augustin Ramirez has estabilished himself as one of the most popular singers in Tejano music. “El Guti” as he is known to his many fans, has become an icon in Tejano music.  He was born  in Lockhart, Texas, a small town 30 miles south of Austin.

Augustin’s musical career began at an early age performing with groups like Cisco Rangel y Los Jesters, Los Dominoes, Fred Salas, Los Latinos and Roy Montelongo, before starting his own band. Since his first recording “Ojitos Traviesos”, Augustin’s popularity and unique style of singing has earned him a large following.

Augustin has composed a long list of original songs such as “Ruina de Mi Corazon”, :intro Una Paloma”, “Sangre de Indio”, and “Tres Ramitas” just to name a few.  Augustin’s classic inspiration song “Las Tres Ramitas” was recorded by the Hometown Boys in 1995, and was nominated and won “Best Song of the Year” at the Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio.

Augustin has been in the music business for over fifty years, has recorded over 80 albums and has also been recognized for his contribution to Tejano music on several occasions. In 1997, he was inducted into the Tejano Music Hall of Fame. In 2000, he won his first grammy award for “Best Tejano Album” with his participation in the “The Legends”, a collaborative effort with Tejano music legends Sunny Ozuna, Freddy Martinez & Carlos Guzman.

Augustin is currently performing throughout the state of Texas and surrounding states with both The Legends, as well as his own group.

Be on the look out for yet another CD album coming in 2017 “Augustin Ramirez, The Legendary Volume 9”.  “The Augustin Ramirez Volume 8” is now available everywhere at your local area music stores.

Augustin Ramirez is a true legend who continues to dominate the Tejano circuit.  Augustin has gained the recognition he has so well deserved, putting, as one the most respected artist in the industry today.

With his surmountable talent and passion of music, he is destined to continue touching the lives of many more generations with both his legendary songs of the past and those of the future.

Augustin Ramirez is indeed, a legend for the Tejano music industry.  Check him out when he comes to your town.

Setup Requirements :

  • Venue to provide sound system with a minimum of 20 input channels as described below :
  • 2 channels & 2 mics for Lead & Backing Vocals
  • 3-5 channels & mics for a 3-5 piece horn section
  • 2 channels & 2 mics or DI boxes for Lead/Rhythm Guitar Amps
  • 1 channel for Bass Amp w/ XLR direct output
  • 1-3 channels (3 channels is preferred) & DI boxes for keyboards
  • minimum of 5 channels (7 is preferred) for a 5 piece drumkit with or without 2 overhead mics

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